With our heavily packed schedules, here is what we can do to incorporate yoga into our routine and take care of our physical and mental health. Let us explore.

A regular contemporary life is quite hectic where our body, mind and spirits  go through various spins. Running amuck tending to chores and fulfilling our duties, we have a tendency to fall out of the grid which eventually results in a deterioration of health and wellbeing. Truth is that we all need a support system in the form of something which can help us keep running and remain healthy even on the most occupied days. Yoga has been helping people for centuries to achieve complete balance in the body-mind-spirit even those you barely have the time to meet their daily targets with ease. Wellness is often the neglected quotient in the lives of such entities. However, it does not have to be so. The science of yoga is universal and does not require a specific time, place, or schedule to help its practitioner. You can make it your biggest companion even on the busiest days. All it needs is some pre-set mindset and you are good to go. Here are five ways through which you can incorporate yoga despite a hectic schedule: 


Begin the morning with Sun Salutations

sun salutation

If you snooze in the morning then you shall lose the day! True to these words, Yoga demands commitment and in return, it shall not leave you unattended even on the most bullied day. The first step to incorporating Yoga into a busy lifestyle is by making changes in the body clock and adjusting it according to the Sun. As a yogi, it is essential to function in harmony with the energy cycle of the Sun. This means getting 6-8 hours of sleep along with ensuring that the wake-up time is at or before the sunrise. Hence, turn off the lights and push away your gadgets by 9 pm so you can wake up fresh and active by 5 am just before the Sun begins to shower its first rays. After the morning cleansing rituals, prepare for 10-minutes of Sun Salutations which roughly equals to 40-45 minutes of a workout. Through Surya Namaskar, you not only pay homage to the ultimate source of power (the Sun) but also ensure a complete mind-body-spirit health.    


Practice Yogic Breaths on-the-go


Breath is the source of life. We breathe in and out as a part of a natural biological process. Yoga explains how breath is directly linked to the health and wellness of the entire body and mind. And so, yoga recommends pranayama breathing techniques that can be performed anytime anywhere. All you have to do is breathe-in to the full capacity of the lungs, retain the breath for a few seconds, and gently breathe-out through the nostrils. This type is recognized as Full Yogic Breathing. This process of breathwork not only clears any channel-blockages in the body and mind, but also ensures that impurities are flushed out from the body in the form of carbon-di-oxide. There are few other yogic breathing techniques such as Alternate Nostril Breathing, Sheetali Breath, Kapalbhati, etc., that you can try.


Embrace an ayurvedic diet regimen

Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, has a significant role to play in sustaining a yogic lifestyle for procuring advanced benefits. Our body is composed of different doshas (constitutions) that directly influence our physical and mental behavioral patterns. Maintaining a dietary discipline according to the body constitution is crucial for gaining maximum outcomes from yoga.  If you are unsure about the type of dosha then seek the help of an Ayurveda expert for its determination and plan the diet schedule according to it. You shall be amazed to see the range of benefits it offers in return. 


Take yoga breaks

It is alright if you are too busy to roll out that lying-in-the-corner yoga mat of yours for an exclusive yoga practice. If you are devoted and in need then science shall accompany you nonetheless. Take a few minutes of break in the car, at work, desk, or kitchen to practice some Chair Yoga. Select from Seated Spinal Twist, Cat/Cow Pose, Seated Camel Pose, Seated Forward Bend, Seated Tree Pose, etc. These poses are simple, easy, and highly effective in keeping the circulation of energy up and running through the entire body from head to toe. 


Conclude the day with 10-minute meditation

evening mediation

Now that you are all set to doze off, invest a few minutes in meditation and self-reflection. This can be done by sitting in a comfortable position and gently reminiscing about the gifts of life with gratitude while embracing any disparity with positivity as tomorrow is going to be a brand-new day. Do not take it as an additional time-taking activity. It shall actually help you sleep better and faster as the practice puts the mind and body in a peaceful state. 

In all reality, the first step to welcoming Yoga is ‘Resolution’. The rest will follow.


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