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Beyond the Studio, 11 Options of Teaching Yoga

Whether you have recently graduated from yoga teacher training or you are an experienced yoga teacher, figuring out how to take your skills and offerings to the next level can be daunting. There are many ways and opportunities for teaching yoga. Today let us have an overview of elevan potential options of teaching yoga that […]

An Inspiring True Story of Our 200H Yoga Teacher Training

Ever wondered about whether yoga teacher training is right for you? This q-a with Elizabeth Herman, one of our past teacher training graduates, will inspire you for how to go from student to teacher with style, confidence, and authenticity.    What inspired you to become a yoga teacher? Elizabeth Herman: You’ve been enjoying yoga for […]

Yoga Teacher Tips: Top 14 Qualities of a Good Yoga Teacher


The call to teach yoga is true and rewarding. These 14 qualities of a good yoga teacher can help keep your students return back to you again and again. Teaching a great yoga class is more than leading an asana routine, and being a good teacher isn’t about performing the most impressive pose. It’s about […]

Co-ordinating Breath with Asanas + SSY Teachers Refresher

Asanas and Breath: The two frequently asked questions in my yoga classes are: How to co-ordinate asanas with breath, and Should we use ujjayi (sounding) breath when practicing asanas ? I recommend the following: In any posture where you feel expansion of the chest, such as when stretching the arms upward or sideways, doing backward […]

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