Sri Sri School of Yoga Training Facility

The Art of Living Retreat Center is perched on a mountain top that extends over 380 acres of forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

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Main Meditation Center

The main meditation center stands on the mountaintop near the dining hall and other residential facilities. Following ancient architectural principles, the hall is designed to lift the spirit and focus the mind. The main meditation hall holds up to 3,700 people.

Additional Halls

Within the Meditation Center, seven other halls are housed, which can support retreat groups, weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, corporate retreats, church groups and student retreats ranging from 15 to 200 people.

Dining Hall

The main dining hall measures 41,000 square feet and is built to offer incredible views of the mountains and sunrise.

Residential Buildings

Seventeen comfortable, heated residential apartments and hotel rooms house retreat participants and staff, many featuring stunning views of the beautiful, natural setting.