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The 8 Limbs of Yoga and Why They Matter to Your Practice


Did you know that the eight-fold path of yoga (8 limbs of yoga aka ashtanga yoga) is like the blueprint for the entire lifestyle? Read on to find out.  Yoga is an ancient practice of living that provides a complete philosophy to live a healthy, happy life to its full potential. The origins of yoga […]

Being Free from Anger!

 “I am a yoga teacher. I do my sadhana regularly. I read  knowledge and also do seva. I keep myself very busy. But still I have anger within​ me, and often end up in arguments.  It is frustrating. I really can’t understand how much more I should do to be silent within. Please guide me how can I not get carried […]

Happy Guru Purnima!

Hello My Yoga Friends, Today is a special day for spiritual seekers. Like we celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, today is the day the spiritual seekers take time to celebrate their fullness, to reflect on their spiritual journeys and to express their gratefulness to their Spiritual Masters for their guidance, love, support, protection, and […]

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