100H Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Empower expectant mothers with the wisdom of yoga

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Specialist Training
for Every Trimester of Pregnancy

Upgrade and diversify your yoga teaching career through this 7-week online program certified by Yoga Alliance. The course provides 100 hours of training that combine self-study modules and online live instruction with experts.

Renowned for authentic and traditional teachings, Sri Sri School of Yoga brings to this program an amalgamation of ancient wisdom and a modern scientific study—providing a complete and immersive experience of the prenatal journey.

Program Highlights:

  • Understanding pregnancy-centric anatomy & high-risk case scenarios
  • Trimester-specific sequencing
  • New student assessment & class planning
  • Prenatal pranayama, mudras, & meditations
  • Specialized class plans
  • Yogic wisdom on pregnancy
  • Guiding principles of physical & emotional support for prenatal students
  • Nutritional guidance for pregnant women

Teaching yoga and supporting students through the magical and challenging journey of their pregnancy is a specialist skill—one that can transform the transition to motherhood. The training provides you with the skills and experience needed to guide your students towards achieving a relaxed state of mind, strengthened body, and a deep connection with themselves.

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Expand your yoga teaching journey to discover how the authentic and accessible practice of Sri Sri Yoga can support parents-to-be during every trimester of pregnancy—all in a safe, inclusive, and compassionate way.


1. Sri Sri Yoga
  • Philosophy of the path of Sri Sri Yoga
  • Principles and building blocks of the Sri Sri Yoga master sequence
  • Role of yoga in pregnancy
  • New student assessment and bespoke class planning
  • Guidelines for a prenatal yoga practice
  • Trimester-specific sequencing (including one sample postnatal sequence)
  • Guiding principles of designing a Sri Sri Yoga Prenatal Class
  • Stretches and modifications
  • Yoga asanas
  • Prenatal-specific bandhas, mudras, pranayama, and meditations
  • Contraindications, modifications, and benefits of practices
  • Use of complementary class tools, including music and chanting
  • Guiding principles of physical and emotional support for prenatal students

Practice teaching areas include asanas, pranayama, and other aspects of a class; observation; live discussions with the medical faculty; and more.

  • Understanding the three bodies, five koshas, the nadis and chakras
  • Concept of the mind and theory of trigunas
  • Definitions and yogic philosophy
  • Introduction to the systems of the body
  • Study of the reproductive system
  • Physiological changes during pregnancy
  • Embryology and fetal development
  • Birthing and labor
  • Postpartum changes
  • Minor ailments and high-risk cases
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Nutritional guidance for pregnancy
  • Understanding the Shodasha Samskaras (16 Sacred Rites of Passage)

*You will also receive lifetime access to sample class videos.



Our comprehensive training format provides you with the specialist skills, knowledge, and experience to teach yoga confidently and safely to parents-to-be through every stage of pregnancy.

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  • 200H yoga teacher certification
  • A sincere interest in learning authentic yoga
  • Substance-free for at least three months
  • High school diploma
  • 18+ years of age
  • Graduate of the Happiness Program/SKY Breath Meditation (this will be provided online for those who have not taken it yet as part of the fee. A total of 8 hours prior to the start of the training. An extra bonus to your journey!)

*Please note: Applicants must not be pregnant during the training.


Upcoming Dates

100H Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

April 14 – June 2

Registrations close: March 21
Format: Online
Tuition: $1,545

Sri Sri School of Yoga 200H graduates receive an additional 10% off