Understanding of Yoga

Why Choose Sri Sri School of Yoga?

Sri Sri Yoga teacher training course teaches about and integrate all paths of yoga including:

  • Hatha yoga (effort)
  • Raja yoga (effortless, royal)
  • Gyana yoga (wisdom)
  • Karma yoga (service & action)
  • Bhakti yoga (love & devotion) and more.

The primary elements of our training are asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), meditation and the experience and application of yoga beyond the yoga mat.

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Our Students Share

Im so grateful and confident of living this knowledge.

Varcha Bhandare

Wonderful quality I wasn’t expecting this, thank you.

Petr Vasilyev

Thank you for turning me into a smiling warrior.

Tanvi Bakshi


What you will get

  • Presence of a living master
  • Swadhaya (self-analysis)
  • Unique teaching approach
  • All-round yogic experience