Yoga – A Life Saver from Depression

Understanding Depression Today, depression is becoming a common challenge for people of every age, all around the globe. In spite of climbing the rungs of the so-called development, many people suffer from this constant phase of feeling low. The causes of depression are often unexplained and it goes unnoticed, at least till the time, one […]

Too Much Noise In The Head? Try This 15-Minute Yoga Sequence To Decompress Your Thoughts

With technological advancement followed by the global pandemic situation, we all find ourselves spending more time in front of the screens than ever before. Today’s age promises us unlimited exposure but the same exposure also creates a bombardment of information, thoughts, and emotions inside our minds. What do we do with the constant noise in […]

How does Yoga help to flourish the relationship we have with ourselves

The most immediate and intimate relationship we have is with ourselves. But often it is conflicted with self-flagellation, it seems difficult to accept ourselves and our body the way it is. We speak harsh words to ourselves, sometimes overtly criticize every action or word we speak, shy away from taking compliments, etc. This not only […]

What is Yoga Therapy is all about?

Yoga therapy may be defined as the application of Yogic principles to a particular person with the objective of achieving a particular spiritual, psychological, or physiological goal. Yoga therapy is a type of therapy that uses Yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health. The holistic focus of Yoga […]

Yoga, – The new big thing in the world of corporates, as seen backstage…

In the last 20 years, financial crisis, growing unemployment, environmental issues, have considerably increased stress at work. As a result, nowadays, wellness at work has become a corporate strategy in itself: as an example, the French Company Lea Nature offers free nursery services for employees, organic fruits daily distribution, and 50% rebate on access during […]

How your mind gets benefited from Yoga

Most people are conscious of how their body appears rather than how it feels. Credit goes to the media-hyped concepts of body image and trivial definitions surrounding “beauty” and “fitness”. The marketing norms encourage myths like thin people do not need yoga or any fitness regime for that matter. Our definition of health is as […]

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