Step 1:

Application Form:
Applicants need to register on the website. Once registration is complete they receive a link to fill the online application form via email. Applicants need to complete the form and submit. To submit form, applicants need to upload the following documents:

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Medical fitness Performa
  • Passport Photo
  • Full length Photo

Once the completed application form is received, the application is screened to see if the applicant is fit to attend the program by checking the Body Mass Index and the medical fitness Performa.

  • Fitness Pre-requisite: Physical Condition: any injury or ailment, any major surgery (when), is checked for. The BMI of the applicant should be within the limits of 18-25
  • Mental Condition: if the participant has undergone any psychiatric treatment or is still under any prescribed medication is checked for.

Note: If the person is not fit to attend the program due to any of the above given reasons a mailer is sent to him/her stating that he/she cannot attend the program at that particular time and can come back once he/she becomes fit.


Step 2:


There will be an interview for the applicants once the form is submitted. The purpose of an interview is to check if the person is fit, healthy and everything he/she has written in the application form matches.
The applicant’s participation is not confirmed during the interview but he/she is informed in 48 hrs. via email if he/she has been selected for the program.


Step 3:


Once the interview is cleared, a payment link is sent to make the fee payment.

Note: If the contribution is not made within 48hrs a reminder email is sent to them. If there is still no response, the participant’s application automatically stands rejected.


Step 4:

Preparatory guidelines & Invitation

Upon confirmation from Finance, the preparatory guidelines and the Invitation letter is mailed to the participants.