Refund Policy:

  • Sri Sri School of Yoga has a policy of no refund of the Course Fee for the confirmed participants.
  • Exceptions in rare cases can be made only by the School Management. However, the following guidelines need to be adhered to. The decision of the School management once given in writing shall be considered final and no further appeals shall be entertained.

Transfer of Registration:

  1. Applicant unable to attend the registered course, must notify the admissions team of the school in writing about the inability to attend the course at least 15 days before the start of the course.
  2. After receipt of such notification a credit note will be issued for the amount paid by the applicant. Any request received less than 15 days; the school management reserves the right to deny request.
  3. The credit note can be used by the applicant or his/her nominated/referred*
    applicant for the same category of the course scheduled** within a year***, on necessary confirmation from the Admissions team.
  4. Any difference in amount due to revision of fee of that particular course need to be paid by the registered applicant.

Inability to Complete the Course:

  1. Once the course starts, if the student decides to leave within five days, the original payment will be refunded less 25 % as administrative cost.
  2. After five days of commencement of the course, no refund will be issued.
  3. Students leaving the course before completion are required to return all course materials.
  4. As a result of disciplinary action taken by the Sri Sri School of Yoga management, if a student is asked to discontinue the course at any given time during the duration of the course, in such cases the Sri Sri School of
    Yoga management reserves the right to deny any kind of refund.

Terms & Conditions:
* In case of inability to attend the program participant can refer(nominate) another candidate. Such candidate shall have to clear all required admissions procedure before being accepted for the fee transfer.
**Training Schedule, as displayed on the website is subject to change.
*** One Year Time is counted from the Date of Receipt of the Payment.