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Yoga as Therapy: How Yoga Can Benefit Children with ADHD and Autism

sri sri yoga for kids

Neuro-developmental disorders such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) pose significant challenges to children’s well-being and development. ADHD is characterized by hyperactivity, impulsivity, and difficulties with attention and focus, affecting approximately 10% of children in the US.  On the other hand, autism, a complex neurodevelopmental disorder, is marked by impaired social interactions, […]

5 Ways Yoga Can Help with Chronic Back Pain: Evidence-Based Insights

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Chronic back pain is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The causes of chronic back pain are numerous, including poor posture, physical trauma, and degenerative conditions. While there are many traditional medical treatments for chronic back pain, complementary therapies like yoga are gaining popularity as effective ways to manage pain. Yoga is […]

5 Ways Yoga Helps You Deal with Depression

yoga for depression

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines depression as an illness featured by continuous sadness, lost interest in normal activities that one normally enjoys and inability to function daily activities for at least two weeks. Depression shows several symptoms including a reduced energy and concentration, change in appetite and sleeping levels, anxiety, indecisiveness, restlessness, feelings of […]

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