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The 8 Limbs of Yoga and Why They Matter to Your Practice


Did you know that the eight-fold path of yoga (8 limbs of yoga aka ashtanga yoga) is like the blueprint for the entire lifestyle? Read on to find out.  Yoga is an ancient practice of living that provides a complete philosophy to live a healthy, happy life to its full potential. The origins of yoga […]

What is Yoga: All Basics You Need to Know As A Beginner

What is Yoga: All The Basics You Need to Know As A Beginner New to yoga? Find some easy tips plus download our FREE ebook: Yoga for Beginners. Start your practice today to support your health and wellbeing. Download now!  What is yoga? Yoga is a body-mind practice. It offers immense benefits for physical and […]

Do this Easy Angle Pose or Konasana to Strengthen Your Spine

Lean step-by-step instructions on how to do the Angle pose or Konasana. It strengthens your spine, relieves back pain and constipation. Try now.  Today we will learn two variations of sideways bending standing pose Angle pose – Angle pose 1 and 2. While the Seated bound angle, Reclined bound angle pose, Eight angle pose (Astavakrasana), […]

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