What happens when all the different aspects of our lives don’t complement each other? When our mind and body don’t work together?

We suffer.
When there is no union within, there is no union outside.
What is Yoga? It is more than just Asanas….
YOGA comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning ‘union.’
Union of what? Of the Body, Mind and Spirit. If these 3 always work in union, there is NO MISERY IN LIFE.
The mediator of this union is BREATH.

Now this union works in 3 different layers…. It is all very scientific and interesting to know.

1.First Layer

In the first layer, Yoga unites the breath and mind.

Every emotion we feel has a corresponding breathing pattern associated with it. When we are angry, our breath becomes short and quick; when we are peaceful, our breath becomes long and deep.

The ancient seers of India were very intelligent, they said since it is not an easy job to discipline this vacillating fickle MIND, why not work on the breath, so that the mind will automatically get controlled!

2.Second Layer

In the second layer, the mind gets united with the body.

Firstly, What is mind? The general concept of mind is that it is an organ inside the brain and that it exists inside our bodies. But it is not so! The mind is an aura-like layer (even more vast than the aura) that contains our bodies. So, the mind has a larger circumference than our bodies! Our bodies are mere puppets inside a strong mind (If the mind is strong).

3.Third Layer

In the third layer, the spirit makes its presence felt.

At this stage, it is important to know some important aspects of yoga- the Breath, the Action itself and Awareness

First stage: The breath and mind get united- through awareness on the rhythm of breath (Pranayama).
Second stage: The mind and the body get united- as a result of action (Yogasana) and awareness.
Third stage: we Meditate. Why? because we start at the grossest: we work on the body first, then breath and lastly, on the subtler level.
By doing Yogasana we tire the body, by practicing Pranayama we regulate the breath, and then, for the subtlest….we sit and meditate, and all the healing happens effortlessly.
To reach this state of effortlessness, Yoga and Pranayama are inevitable.