We offer comprehensive training encompassing deep understanding asana, breathing/pranayama, meditation and yogic wisdom.


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Why should I choose the SSY TTP?

If you are looking for a complete, comprehensive, and authentic yoga Teacher Training Program that will enable you to teach confidently upon graduating, the Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Program is for you.

What are the prerequisites for the 200 Hr program?

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What is the difference between the 200H Teacher Training Program in Europe and the 200H Teacher Training Program in India?

Sri Sri School of Yoga Europe is offering same Teachers Training Programs as India. 

Sri Sri Yoga 200H Teacher Training conducted over 3 weeks for a total of 220H of training and a 200H Yoga Alliance designated certification.

Sri Sri Yoga 200H Teacher Training conducted by 1 weekend per month over 7 months, including one residential week at the end of the training.

What is the significance of Sri Sri Yoga Foundation Program and Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive Retreat? Will graduates of the SSSY Teacher Training Program be qualified to conduct them?

Sri Sri Yoga Level 1 four-day and Level 2 five-day residential workshops are offered through the Art of Living Foundation and are taught by certified and approved Sri Sri Yoga teachers who have taken their training in 2016 or earlier at any one of the global training locations. Going forward, graduates of the SSSY teacher training programs will not be trained nor qualified to conduct these two workshops.

The SSSY 200H training in North America prepares teachers to teach beginner and intermediate level yoga classes. The 300H training prepares teachers to teach more advanced yoga classes. Teachers, however, are free to designate their own levels to their classes and will teach independently of the Art of Living Foundation.

Upon certification, may I start teaching my own yoga classes?

Yes, certified graduates may start teaching their own yoga classes independently of the
SSSY and the Art of Living Foundation. Teachers may design their own format.

What kind of certification will I receive after completing the TTP?

Graduates upon successful completion of the TTP will receive a certificate designating
200H for Yoga Alliance and 220 actual hours of training. Graduates upon completion of QCI TTP 350H will receive a certificate designating 200H for Yoga Alliance and 350H actual hours of training. After undergoing and clearing QCI exam they will receive 350H QCI certificate directly from QCI.

Where can I experience a Sri Sri Yoga style workshop or retreat?

SSY style 4-day workshops are available through the Art of Living Foundation. Search
for available workshops here.

What is the accommodation cost? Do I need to stay at the retreat center?

Accommodation is required at the the AOLRC. Additional options at the AOLRC and
related fees here (link to the list).

Are there any payment plans?

Currently there are no payment plans available.

What is the schedule for 2019?

You can write to or click on the top bar TEACHER TRAINING

Do I need to have taken the Art of Living Happiness workshop to take the Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Program (SSY TTP)?

No, the SSSY TTP is open to anyone interested in getting an authentic, comprehensive
yoga education.