Sri Sri Yoga – Deep Dive


As yoga enthusiasts many of us are on the lookout for a yoga course that can help us explore the depths of yoga – from philosophy to practice. Sri Sri Yoga Foundation Program introduces us to the techniques of asana pranayam and meditation; while Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive gives us an opportunity to go deeper into the realm of yoga and understand what it means to live like a yogi!

Advanced yoga does not have to necessarily mean difficult yoga. Here we get a thorough exploration of yoga postures, ancient yogic knowledge, breathing and meditation in a gentle yet profound, celebrative and joyful retreat setting.

  • Correct your postures for better symmetry and alignment
  • Physical and Emotional cleansing through Shankh Prakshalan and Neti
  • Better understanding of yoga scriptures
  • Learn new Pranayams like Chandrabhedi, Suryabhedi, Sheetali etc.
  • Experience Subtle strengthening and Healing Contractions
  • Experience Silence in Activity and Activity in Silence

SSaHC: A new, gentle and meditative muscle contraction exercise program for strengthening and toning muscles, restoring the balance and harmony at physical and pranic levels, decreasing chronic pains, and above all for giving you a meditative experience of yourself.


5-day residential course


Completion of the Art of Living Happiness Program or YES+ course. For available courses please check this website: