Foundation Program with Kamlesh Barwal
4-days, 2 hours per day

Experience the harmony of body and mind by a deep practice of asanas, breathing techniques and meditation with an International Yoga Faculty.


About Kamlesh Barwal: 

Highly recognised and noted Yoga trainer, having trained and certified thousands of yoga teachers. She is teaching a very well architected and balanced program consisting of a thorough discipline of yoga postures, breathing, meditation, and yogic knowledge.
Known for her graceful asana practice, her classes are a blend of simplicity, fun, humour, and well explained yoga philosophy and knowledge. Serving as academic board member of the Yoga School at Sri Sri University in Bhubaneswar- India, Kamlesh provides her in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of yoga as visiting faculty and industry expert.

Program format: 

2 hours per day in 4 consecutive days.


The fee of the course is 120€. Discount is available for existing SSY Teachers, available during registration. Students discount is available on request, please write to [email protected]


No prerequisites are required. The Foundation program is open to everyone who wants to enjoy light and deep yoga. Our courses are enjoyed by new beginners as well as long experienced yoga teachers

About the program:

A holistic yoga practice that will lead you into a deep relaxed state of mind and body. The formula to make your body healthy and strong and your spirit sparkling with joy is the right combination of asanas, breathing techniques and meditation – They go together. If we value all three aspects, then life becomes melodious like an orchestra. The physical excersise prepares you to go deeper in meditation and at the same time resting after the asana practice is essential to let the body settle down.
It makes an tremendous Impact how you do your yoga practice. In the Foundation program you will learn how to practice along with your body, without struggling yet challenging yourself to your best potential.

✔︎ Combination of gentle and vigorous postures as well as dynamic exercises
✔︎ Powerful breathing techniques
✔︎ Application of yogic knowledge
✔︎ Simple tools for relaxation
✔︎ Guided meditations
✔︎ Yogic perspective on attaining a balanced diet
✔︎ Introduction to Ayurveda, the science of life
✔︎ Development of a personal yoga practice

Foundation Program with Kamlesh Barwal


It was a deep experience, I can sense something has shifted, some more space has come. I could let go of some old tension in my body, bringing left and right side more in balance. After the sessions I felt silence and peace.

I could not imagine myself in just a few hours of yoga over 4 days helped me so much with my flexibility. I felt so happy and light otherwise being at home for so long made me feel tired and unhealthy. But this course helped me rejuvenate and I look forward to my practice.

Thank you very much for the nice possibility to refresh my body, mind, intelect in knowledge of yoga. I am feeling so light , so calm and so happy!

With fine accents to improve the movement and small nuances in every posture you feel your whole body stretching and growing.

It became a ritual those four day sessions and I benefited immensely.