Yoga in coronavirus. Harvard scientists recommend it to strengthen immunity – Now you can practice it with us!

Yoga is not a big-city fashion. It is a thousand-year-old tradition of mastering changing states of mind, calming down and finding peace within yourself. It is not a sport or a religion. And since it is for everyone and does not require any additional equipment, it can help us in times of anxiety and domestic […]

Backbend for a Stronger Back

Backbends are some of the most difficult asanas for the body to perform, as they require great flexibility and balance. However, while difficult, once properly learned backbends provide a myriad of benefits, ranging from emotional freedom to spinal healing. One of the most notable benefits of backbends is relief from anxiety and stress. By profoundly […]

Top 10 Yoga Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has officially hit the mainstream. It’s hard to believe that just thirty or so years ago the word “yoga” was still taboo, associated primarily with mystical yogis and dreadlocked hippies. Luckily, yoga has broken free (for the most part) from its bohemian stigma, which is evident in the yoga studios that are becoming as […]

Easy Yoga Poses for Menstrual Cramp Relief

There’s a reason women refer to their menstrual cycle as “The Curse”. According to WebMD, while half of all women experience pain and discomfort during their periods, 10% are temporarily disabled by their symptoms! Women experience a variety of symptoms while menstruating, from cramps to pain in the pelvis, lower back, and thighs. Vomiting, headache, […]